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Bad houses values continue to be a problem

In many areas of the United States and Houston is not exception. The news that there are far fewer houses “underwater” today than ever before, but does Do you have too many repairs and cannot afford to fix it up?not really apply if your house is still in bad condition and  the rising sales are making it harder to sell your house even more than before. Positive news stories regarding the economy are simply irrelevant to anyone who is facing financial hardship, and this is where we can come to your rescue. Ask Denise to help you understand what your alternatives are, call 281-808-3333.

Perhaps your house has continued to decline and be in a bad situation for some time. It is only natural to not feel compelled to keep up with the repairs and general upkeep of the house. Truthfully, there are many thousands of people in your same position today and there are solutions and we can be one for you.

Putting money into a house that you may never get back your money on just doesn’t make a good financial sense. Many financial advisors may just tell you to walk away from your house and let the bank take it in a foreclosure. However, there are some other alternatives to foreclosure or bankruptcy that many have not considered.

Foreclosure seems to be the route many took to get out a financial bind they got themselves into. Simply put these people have slowed the economic progress of the United States for years, do you really want to contribute to that? As well as personal and business bankruptcies have also placed a hindrance on the economic improvement, and while those may be options you are considering just think about how that could affect you for nearly a decade.

No one should live in a house that slowly is becoming dilapidated or in other ways degraded beyond any reasonable standard. Keeping a roof over yourself is just what is needed, so if there are major repairs such a roofing or plumbing you would be better off selling it unless you plan on staying there.  There is no reason to sink good money into a house that you really don’t want or cannot afford to make all the repairs or even some of them and still be in a bad situation.

Now the whole idea of selling your house fast to someone you don’t know may be a little uncomfortable. That is why you should allow us to buy your house not only are we seasoned investors we are real estate agents as well. You can feel confident that we have the solution and  your best interest in mind.  We are here to protect you from unscrupulous so called investor schemes who like to tell you they buy ugly houses.

When it comes to a reverse mortgage this may appear to be a good situation for you but if you house needs major repairs then you are fixing their house not yours and that is what they are counting on.  Small maintenance items are normal but if you  have some big expenses for repairs you may be better off of just selling it and down sizing to live more affordably and not spend all your money on repairs.

So really the fundamental question of whether or not you should sell your house is going to be a personal one. There are numerous factors and your need to talk with an experienced professional that can really help you make that decision. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t sell your house based upon being pressured or through some sort of hard sell tactic.   Allow EZ House Deals to explain the pros and cons of selling and why we are your best alternative as a group of real estate agents and investors we have you covered in every direction.